Tabitha Kay

While at the store the other day C saw a box of cake and insisted on getting it. I can’t remember the last time I made cake from a box. He was so excited I really didn’t want to crush his happiness, so I obliged and away we went with the box of cake. When I got home I had remembered I saw a recipe for using a can of soda instead of the eggs, oil, and water.

You all, this turned out ahhhhhmazing! Totally Delish! So light and fluffy I could just float around all day after eating these. Hehehehe.

Get your box of cake and soda and try it out.

Pop Can Soda Cake

Pop Can Soda Cake

* I can’t take credit for this invention, I saw it somewhere awhile back and can’t remember where.

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One Response to “Soda Pop Cupcakes | Las Vegas Photographer”

  1. Tab, I know this is all over Pinterest right now…I’ll have to try it out. :) I’m always looking for lower calorie cupcake recipes. Photos look great!

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